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"Working out with Jim the last few off-seasons has taken my game to a whole new level.  From his experience in the weight room, I feel fully confident and prepared when I step on the field with some of the best players in the game.  Not only is he a great strength coach, but from working out with Jim I have found a friend for life.  Thanks Jimmy!"

Adam Walton, Arizona Diamondbacks

" Hey, thanks coach you're the best!  I would like to thank you for getting me a lot more in shape.  I've been getting compliments by a lot of people.  Thanks for keeping my head up and knowing that you're a person that I can always go to."

Jarrod Lancaster, High School Athlete

"I'm feeling SO GREAT.  I haven't had ANY pain since our last session.  I cannot thank you enough.  You have no idea what it's been like having this issue for years! Thank You!"

Jennifer Chan, Stretch Therapy Client

Jim has always challenged me with each workout.  He addresses my weaknesses and develops a personal program to make me better and compete.  He knows his shit and is determined to get you better.

Nazr Mohamad, Retired NBA All Star

Bose is the real deal! He knows his shit and puts science first.  His programs are specific and detailed to each person rather than a one size fits all.  He is intense and an awesome coach!

George Kontos, 2 Time World Series Champion

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